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wonderful jewel of nature at its best-green hills

In the summer, part of the rich, fertile lake bed is used to farm vegetables the old way-organiclly and without any pesticides. Visitors can enjoy the experience of taking an early morning invigorating walk thru the lake bed and picking crisp, fresh vegetables straight off the vines for their meal !

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Go Swimming in Natural Pools - even though the resort has a luxurious infinity pool, nature lovers may be tempted to enjoy the innumerable marvelous rock pools and streams of flowing water on the property. Or enjoy an invigorating sunbath on the sun-baked rocks in the river. You could also enhance this sublime experience by requesting a traditional massage by a tribal masseuse !

Deep rock pools and the silvery river waters of the Jhadol Safari Resort offer another unique experience to sportsmen and novices alike - Fishing. Many indigenous varieties of fish are found in this region. Fishing rods will be provided by the resort.

For those who would like to be a little more adventurous, there's the Waterfall Walk. A small trek of 3 kms inside the jungle valley, this walk will give you the opportunity to see the local flora and fauna along tha route at an easy pace. And then you can choose to refresh yourself under the energizing spray of a natural spring falling from a height of about 40 to 50 ft. - nature's own spa and massage center !

Jhadol Nature

To round off an exciting engagement with nature, we offer the Night Safari. A bone rattling jeep safari thru the wild areas at night where you could spot local wildlife like hyenas, wild foxes, hares, caracals, jackals, etc. caught in the dazzling beam of a spotlight - a not to be missed adventure that will remain a thrill all your life.

The Jhadol Safari Resort is a wonderful jewel of nature at its best-green hills, a lake full of rippling water, a river flowing thru the rocky terrain creating innumerable rock pools and mini-waterfalls, Exotic butterflies and other exotic winged surprises, a diversity of melodious birds and other small animals make up this bit of heaven. Special bird watching, nocturnal safaris, photography expeditions, etc can be arranged for enthusiasts!

Others can take an Orchard Walk thru the sprawling Jhadol property and if you are lucky to be here in the right season, you could even pick a basket of succulent fruits from the trees with your own hands for your breakfast table!

Jhadol Nature
Birds of Jhadol

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