Jhadol Safari Resort



Guests at the Jhadol Safari Resort can choose to see as well as participate in activities that will give them a taste of this unique ethnic local culture.

Adventurous guests can try Bhil Archery with bows and arrows made from bamboo and leather. One might think primitive but they are, in reality, very effective and were the main weapons in battle for hundreds of years. And of course, they were also used for hunting up a good meal for the pot !

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Full day & half day trekking in the country side (free activity)

Bird watching trails with expert (This activity is provided to only those guests who are professional birdwatchers.)

Photographic trails (Only for the professional photographers.)

Jeep Safari (Chargeable activity) (Night jeep safari has duration of 1 hrs and 30 min, we take guest into the forest to experience seeing local wildlife in their natural habitation. fortunate guests can see animals like hynas, wild cats, jacklas , foxes, hairs, blue bulls, civit cats etc.)

Evening orchard walk (free activity)

Jhadol Activities

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