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About 50 Kms from Udaipur, a beautifully scenic road among the rolling hills passes through verdant forests alive with birds and fauna as well as hotels in udaipur. The air is fragrant with the sweet smelling Mahua trees and in the wet season, the gurgling of the numerous twinkling streams keep you company. Jhadol Safari Resort provide the best lake view hotels near Udaipur.

Occasionally, freshly ploughed fields interspersed with Bhil tribal hamlets full of lively children will wave you on your way. And all too soon, this delightful journey culminates at Jhadol, the country seat of the Royal Jhala Rajranas. Jhadol is one of the best tourist places in India. There are large number of users who used to visit here and search for the best luxury lake view hotels in Udaipur as they always look for the best experience.

Set like a precious jewel, an emerald in desert country, this oasis is nestled in the foothills of the Aravalis at the edge of a magnificent lake with gently lapping waters.

Choose to un wind in the tranquility and quiet that drains away the stress of life and rejuvenates your spirit. Sprawl under the shadow of a tree with a cool, long drink. Enjoy a delicious alfresco meal under the twinkling stars while the fresh, crisp green grass teases your feet into total relaxation. The evening call of the wildlife, singing of birds and insects and the rhythmic sounds of the Bhil tom-toms add to the mystic of the evening. Meditate on the silvery shafts of moonlight rippling on the lake waters while a cool evening breeze gently lulls you into a mesmerizing trance of happiness and deep inner peace. Check out the place for bird watching in Udaipur- Bird Watching In Udaipur

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