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Tha Jhalas came to Mewar in the 14th century when Mewar was facing Mugal onslaughts to destroy its freedom-the independence it had enjoyed for almost eight centuries. The then Maharana of Mewar, Rana Rayamalji, received the Jhala borthers with royal honours. This one act of hospitality was to bear the richest recurring fruit for the dynasty of Mewar. The blood of the Jhalas has soaked the battlefields for centuries and they have shared the honour and glory of protecting the motherland and its temples from the foreign invaders.

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In the famous battle of Haldighati (21st June, 1576), history records that the legendary Jhala Chieftain, Jhala Maan of Jhadol, sacrificed himself for Maharana Pratap on the battlefield. This is a sacrifice that brought the jhadol family to the forefront of history in the annals of Mewar.

The late Rajrana Kuber sinhji was instrumental in contributing to the prosperity of the Jhadol region by donating the land needed to create a water body which is the Jhadol Lake as it is today.

There is a saying, in good-humored rhetoric:

What is the history of India, without the history of Rajasthan?
What is the hisrory of Rajasthan without the history of Mewar?
And what is the history of Mewar, without the history of the Jhala?

The chivalrous draw the chivalaric like a lode-stone. The glorius tradition and fame of Mewar and the chivalry of its rulers drew the Jhalas of Kathiwar, a princely state of Gujarat.

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